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Mobile App Development

As an advanced Mobile Application Development Company, we have full expertise in creating multi-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Android mobile app development

Ankuv knows what it takes to deliver solutions that run like clockwork throughout the majority of devices. Our mobile application development team follows Material Design rules to make your apps uncompromisingly reliable and scalable. Beyond a captivating UI, we ensure an exciting user journey. Whether you need Android apps from scratch or just want to get your existing mobile apps revamped — we have you covered.

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iOS mobile app development services

Get your users a failure-proof tool for business or leisure right at their fingertips. Mobile-first and user-centric, your apps are designed to steal the show.


Cross-platform mobile app development

Thinking of an app with simple controls and comprehensible business logic? We’ll take you down the route that pays off.  We’ll scrutinize your objectives to underpin your solution with a mature Xamarin, Flutter or Unity framework. Via a single cross-platform code, we’ll cut project costs up to 40% and ensure faster time-to-market.

Our app development process

Entrust us with your end-to-end mobile application development cycle. We dig deep into business challenges and look for the most effective solutions that will positively impact ROI at every stage - from ideation and engineering to market launch or integration with your business environment.

We also assign a dedicated consultant and R&D team to scrutinize your request and devise a neat roadmap showing how to tackle your tech challenge — however tricky it is. With a consistent quality assurance and ongoing support, we stay by your side until your mobile apps show measurable profitability.

Project discovery
  • Requirements gathering and evaluation

  • R&D, ideation, and business case analysis

  • Product development roadmapping

By understanding the client's goals, objectives, and constraints, we can develop a tailored solution that meets their unique needs.

MVP & prototyping
  • Showcasing in-app flow and user journey

  • Designing a user-centric look and feel

  • Building PoC or MVP to test core functionality

Allow you to test your market quickly and efficiently, while getting invaluable feedback on your product.

App development & QA
  • Back-end & front-end engineering

  • Building API, gateways, and app content

  • Automated and manual testing: integration, functional, and UI

Develop a custom solution that fits your needs. Our QA process ensures the app meets the functional and performance criteria.

Publishing & support
  • App store submission, market launch

  • Post-launch support, user acquisition analysis

  • Stats-driven functionality updates

We takes care of everything from smoothly submitting your app to the appropriate store, to maintaining it post-launch. 

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Exclusively tailored mobile applications


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Professional mobile app developers


Quality assurance

Apps That Are Beyond Imagination 

Discover what we can do for you

Blockchain & Cryptography
  • Mobile crypto wallets

  • Mobile stock market solutions

  • Smart contract-enabled applications

Blockchain provides a secure, decentralized way to store data. Cryptography helps us encode and decode data. By combining these two technologies, we can create a more secure and efficient way to store and transfer data.

Internet of Things
  • Smart retail & supply chain solutions

  • Personal security mobile apps for wearables

  • Smart Home & Smart Factory apps

By connecting everyday objects to the internet, we're creating a more connected, convenient, and efficient world. From thermostats and refrigerators to vending machines and cars, the possibilities are endless.

BLE & iBeacon
  • Device tracking and counting apps

  • Proximity marketing solutions (NFC)

  • Motion tracking software

BLE and iBeacon are both cutting edge technologies that can be used to enhance the customer experience. By implementing these technologies, businesses can create a more interactive and engaging environment for their customers.

Augmented & Mixed Reality
  • GPS- and marker-based apps

  • Immersive 3D mobile games

  • Extra layer maps solutions

AR overlays digital information on the real world, whereas MR merges the digital and physical worlds. They have been used in a variety of industries, from retail to healthcare, to improve efficiency and productivity.

Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning & Machine Learning solutions

  • Computer Vision software

  • Chatbots & smart assistants

Create smarter and more efficient machines that can help us in a variety of ways. AI is not just limited to computers – it can also be used in other areas such as medicine and science.

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